CLOCK for Freelancers

Use CLOCK to enhance your professional skills, reputation, knowledge, or experience?

When self-employed in any professional field, time is money. Knowing which accredited professional route to take that will be valued and recognised by clients can often be a tough choice to make and cost is often prohibitive. The choice is difficult as there is so much on offer and up until now, there hasn’t been a way of validating experience, skills and knowledge across an entire sector. You are often required to start from scratch with little regard or reference to what you already know and what you currently do in your everyday work.

CLOCK is different from other offers because it validates the level of your current professional practice and the knowledge and skills that you actually use at work.

‘Continued professional development can help you to build confidence and credibility; you can see your progression by tracking your learning. It can help you earn more, showcase your achievements and enable you to achieve your career goals. Professional development can help you reflect on your learning and highlight gaps in your knowledge and experience.’

(CIPD – Chartered Institute of Professional Development 2016)

Through CLOCK you can validate your current practical experience, knowledge and skills and gain an approved qualification across the creative and cultural sector and benchmark your practice against your peers in other countries. If you are a sector expert, you can also become a Peer Mentor and Peer Reviewer for your area of professional expertise and develop another income stream from this work

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